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Environmental Responsibility

It’s in the wind…

Alternative energy sources are a given if we are serious about clearing the air. So aside from our own deep desire for a healthier environment, what powers us? In no small part, it’s the wind.

Generating zero air pollution, wind power is one of the cleanest, most cost-effective forms of energy available. We purchase ours from Renewable Choice Energy®. By supplementing 6% of our current energy usage, we are recognized by EPA as a Green Power Partner. We are not only doing our part in reducing the amount of harmful emissions in the air, but we are supporting the development of a natural, renewable resource that reduces our dependency on less eco-friendly energy.

...and in the ink

The inks a printer chooses have every bit of an impact on the surrounding environment as the paper they’re printed on. One of the properties to be concerned with are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – contributors to air pollution, both indoors and out. Petroleum-based inks have the highest levels of VOCs.

A far better alternative that creates stunning results are vegetable inks, which are what we use here at OSP. Vegetable inks are biodegradable and naturally low in VOCs, reducing the level of harmful substances released into the atmosphere.

Between the use of wind power and vegetable inks, OSP is doing what it takes to keep the air clean. And we can all breathe easier because of it.

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